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A Message From Management

At the start of Cakra Daya Energy we clearly outlined our vision for what direction we wanted the company to go in. As we look to the future we strive to wards our company being a major player in the Indonesian oil and gas services industry. Along the way we want to ensure that the highest standards in health, safety and environment are part of everything we do so that we can provide responsive and quality energy services.

We firmly belive that responsiveness and quality are our key values that will make us reach our long term vision. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in healt, safety, environment and quality is a value which we want to become a way of life for our workforce. Teamwork within our work force is a cornestone and we know that working together as a cohesive unit will help guide us over the horizon.

Cakra Daya Energy recognize the significant potential which Indonesia's market has to offer and we want to penetratethis in order to avall of the vast business opportunities which are availbale. Cakra Daya Energy is not only orientetad towards meeting and surpassing the discriminating needs and demands of the market in achieving client satisfaction, correspondingly we are orientated towards the total development of our employees true assets.

Recently we have implemented a business development plan to expand our scope and diversify into other areas of the ever-changing oil and gas indutry. This is what makes us a dynamic company and enhances our ability to provide our clients with reliable energy services.