CDE Commitment to HSE Performance

Health safety and environment are of the utmost importance in all our activities. We strive to make the highest standards of healt, safety, environment and quality become a way of life within CDE. We make every effort to ensure that our employees have a safe working environment and they take the necessary steps on a daily basic to make sure that health, safety and environmental issues are highlighted in regard to both persons and equipment. People at all levels in CDE are responsible for leading and engaging the workforce in meeting our HSE objectives and targets.

Management of risk is a continuous process and the cornerstone of all our HSE elements. We regularly identify the hazards and assess the risk associated with our activities. We take all the appropriate action to manage the risks and prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents. Peopele's behavior is critical toHSE performance therefore, our workforce is carefully selected, trained and employee's skills and compentencies regularly assessed.

All our activities performed to ensure safe, secure, healthy, high quality and environmentally sound performance.

Emergency management plans are maintained to cover all our operations. These plans will identify equipment, training and personnel necessary to protect the workforce, customers, public, environment and our reputation in the event of an accideent.

Accidents will be reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence and improve our HSE performance. Our investigations will focus on root causes and/or system failures. Corrective actions and preventive measures will be utilized to reduce future injuries and losses. We periodically assess the implementation of HSE MS to assure our customers and ourselves that management processes are in place and working effectively. This will involve internal self-assessments. We use this information to continously improve our HSE performance. Each time CDE expands its activities we follow a continuous learning curve which facilities the enhancement and bench marking of our HSE MS.