Well Testing And Production Services.

Our current services are surface and subsurface well testing and production processing in the exploration and development area. Our field personnel are highly trained and experienced in both onshore and offshore operations. We fabricate and maintain all of our equipment to the highest standards of health, safety, and quality so that our clients can obtain the accurate results required to determine the productivity and processing of oil and gas fields. We can also provide and fabricate temporary production facilities to provide the oil and gas field operator with fast track low cost field development in order to provide them with early cash flow.

We provide the following services :
- Subsurface and surface well testing
- Early/temporary production facilities
- Engineering design of production and processing facilities.
- Operating of production and processing facilities

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Specialist Expertise Services.

We offer our clients a professional outsourcing service this service has been on going and supporting production sharing contract operators nationwide

We provide:
- Experienced earth scientists
- Well site geologists
- Drilling engineers
- Reservoir engineers
- Production engineers
- Project managers and technicians

Oil And Gas Field Technical Services.

We provide consultancy to new comers to the oil and gas industry to help them understand the oil and gas business in Indonesia. Our teams have an excellent understanding of the oil and gas industry and a strong network already well established in the community. All of these services are critical to new and existing oil and gas companies who want to penetrate or develop in the industry.

Our services include:
- Strategic business plans
- Feasibility studies
- Reserve calculations
- Deliverability studies
- Production optimization
- Planning and development of new oil fields
- G and G Studies

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Heavy Equipment Services.

Another valuable service which we provide is heavy equipment sales and rental. We can supply offshore crane sales and rental for any offshore operations including new platform installation and complete crane overhaul. The crane overhaul involves removing the crane from the platform in order to perform the necessary refurbushments and in addition we provide another crane so our client can continue operations with minimum downtime.

We provide:
- Management
- Crane reconditioning
- Component supply
- Quarterly, semi and annual crane inpections
- Pre-rig and post-rig crane inspection
- Call out services