About Us

The Indonesian government's decision to boost oil and gas production has seen an upsurge in production campanies operating in Indonesia. The government has offered new exploration rights and encouraged production from existing wells as well as giving fresh incentives to oil and gas investors including favorable tax treatment and improved production splits. The government initiatives has helped to do away with tariffs on importing equipment for oil and gas facilities. All of these policies have contributed and encouraged Cakra Daya Energy to step into this dynamic and thriving business.

As a provider of oil and gas services based in Jakarta, the company's activities consist of:

- Well testing and production services
- Oil and Gas field technical services
- Specialist expertise services
- Heavy equipment services
- Load testing services

Cakra Daya Energy prides itself on reliability, safety and quality. We are also proud of our integrated healt safety and environment management system which is implemented at every sector of the company. Cakra Daya Energy's HSE policies are the responsibility of all employees at all levels. It is the duty of individuals and of the company to ensure that HSE objectives and targets are achieved and maintained. Risk management is a conitnual process and we regularly identify hazards and assess the associated risks. Appropriate action is always taken so that these risks can be managed and minimized or eliminated. Protecting customers, workforce, environment, the public, and Cakra Daya Energy's reputation in the event of an accident is crucial to us.

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